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L.B. Jolley - Summation of Series

Название: Summation of Series
Автор: L.B. Jolley
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 04.01.2009 12:17:19
Скачано: 59
Описание: A second edition published in the United States of America provides an opportunity for including many new series with an increase of more than 50 per cent over the original number. It has also been possible to rearrange the series in a more reasonable form. Some corrections have been received from readers, and useful suggestions have been made by them for the present arrangement. These are gratefully acknowledged, and it will be of great assistance for future editions if readers will communicate their ideas for further expansion. In using this collection himself, the author has experienced difficulty in tracing certain series, and there does not seem any solution excepting a complete search through all the series given. For example, certain series including inverse products appear in different parts of the book, and, if a search is to be avoided, a complete rearrangement combined with excessive duplication would be necessary. It does not seem possible, as in the case of a collection of integrals, to arrange them in a completely rational manner. Any suggestion in this direction would be specially welcome. Among the new series included are some of those developed by Glaisher in many publications, notably the Quarterly Journal of Mathematics. Basing his series on Bernoulli functions, Glaisher evolved a number of coefficients which apparently simplify the appearance of the series. In this present collection, only a few are given, and the original articles should be consulted if the reader wishes to investigate them further. The author wishes to acknowledge permission by the London Scientific Computing Service to publish tables from the Index of Mathematical Tables by Fletcher, Miller, and Rosenhead—an V
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