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Hoffman J. D. - Numerical methods for engineers and scientists

Название: Numerical methods for engineers and scientists
Автор: Hoffman J. D.
Категория: Математика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 31.12.2008 00:27:14
Скачано: 140
Описание: The second edition of this book contains several major improvements over the first edition. Some of these improvements involve format and presentation philosophy, and some of the changes involve old material which has been deleted and new material which has been added. Each chapter begins with a chapter table of contents. The first figure carries a sketch of the application used as the example problem in the chapter. Section 1 of each chapter is an introduction to the chapter, which discusses the example application, the general subject matter of the chapter, special features, and solution approaches. The objectives of the chapter are presented, and the organization of the chapter is illustrated pictorially. Each chapter ends with a summary section, which presents a list of recommendations, dos and don'ts, and a list of what you should be able to do after studying the chapter. This list is actually an itemization of what the student should have learned from the chapter. It serves as a list of objectives, a study guide, and a review guide for the chapter. Chapter 0, Introduction, has been added to give a thorough introduction to the book and to present several fundamental concepts of relevance to the entire book. Chapters 1 to 6, which comprise Part I, Basic Tools of Numerical Analysis, have been expanded to include more approaches for solving problems. Discussions of pitfalls of selected algorithms have been added where appropriate. Part I is suitable for second-semester sophomores or first-semester juniors through beginning graduate students. Chapters 7 and 8, which comprise Part II, Ordinary Differential Equations, have been rewritten to get to the methods for solving problems more quickly, with less emphasis on theory. A new section presenting extrapolation methods has been added in Chapter 7. All of the material has been rewritten to flow more smoothly with less repetition and less theoretical background. Part II is suitable for juniors through graduate students. Chapters 9 to 15 of the first edition, which comprised Part III, Partial Differential Equations, has been shortened considerably to only four chapters in the present edition. Chapter 9 introduces elliptic partial differential equations. Chapter 10 introduces parabolic partial differential equations, and Chapter 11 introduces hyperbolic partial differential equations. These three chapters are a major condensation of the material in Part III of the first edition. The material has been revised to flow more smoothly with less emphasis on theoretical background. A new chapter, Chapter 12, The Finite Element Method, has been added to present an introduction to that important method of solving differential equations. A new section, Programs, has been added to each chapter. This section presents several FORTRAN programs for implementing the algorithms developed in each chapter to solve the example application for that chapter. The application subroutines are written in
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