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Сытель В.В. - Разговорные английские идиомы

Название: Разговорные английские идиомы
Автор: Сытель В.В.
Категория: Языкознание. Языки
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.10.2008 22:12:38
Скачано: 1076
Описание: The aim of this book is to supply a number of collo¬quial English idioms classified, explained and illustrated by examples drawn mainly from modern English and Amer¬ican authors. It will be noticed that the term "idiom" is used here in its broader sense, embracing both idioms prop¬er and so-called "non-idiomatic" word groups. Only collo¬quial phrases are included in the book; a few idioms marked "slangy" are more for recognition than actual use. W. Ball's classification of colloquial idioms (see below), though greatly changed, is partially used in this book.
Файл: 128.2 КБ