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PDF книги » Языкознание. Языки » Коссман Л. - Бытовые диалоги: Англо-русский разговорник

Коссман Л. - Бытовые диалоги: Англо-русский разговорник

Название: Бытовые диалоги: Англо-русский разговорник
Автор: Коссман Л.
Категория: Языкознание. Языки
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.10.2008 21:17:30
Скачано: 1037
Описание: This book is intended for adult Russian learners of English.It presents a series of dialogues that are customarily spoken by Americans in real life situations. The dialogues are taken from ordinary situations of daily life-asking for directions,making telephone calls ,prepa¬ring for a job interview,opening bank accounts,and many more. Everyday Dialogues is designed as a manual for improving the Russian speakers'communi¬cation skills in modern American English. All sentences are presented in English and in Russian. In some cases, a vocabulary section accompanies the dialogues.This structural feature is nece¬ssitated by the fact that some specific topics require additional informational units. Because of the idiomatic nature of many American phrases and expressions,their Russian equivalents are often freely translated. The author's intention has been to make the book a practical working manual. It is hoped that Everyday Dialogues will serve all those Russian speakers who attend English language classes, as well as those students of English who prefer to improve their knowledge of spoken American English on their own. All names and figures mentioned in Every¬day Dialogues should be regarded only as examples. The dialogues are followed by the appendix which contains some practical guidelines and suggestions for resumes and business letters.
Файл: 74.8 КБ