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The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book

Название: The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book
Автор: неизвестен
Категория: Языкознание. Языки
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.10.2008 21:02:50
Скачано: 434
Описание: The inspiration for The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book came about when a student asked me for a textbook to help her learn the meanings of common phrasal verbs. I had nothing to offer. The only textbook focusing on common verbs that I could give her contains not one phrasal verb — it teaches arise but not get up, awake but not wake up, seek but not look for. Phrasal verbs are verbs, not idiomatic curiosities. There is no logic to classify-ing take over with take the bull by the horns. Phrasal verbs are an essential part of spoken and written English at all levels, and no student who hopes to master the language can afford to overlook them. Although this textbook is intended primarily for high-intermediate to advanced students, ambitious students at lower levels will benefit from it as well. Only some FOCUS sections may prove to be a little beyond them; otherwise, there is nothing to prevent any student from studying the definitions and examples and attempting the exercises. A vocabulary textbook should provide mechanics as well as meaning. Students want to know more than what a word means — they want to know how to use it correctly.
Файл: 536.4 КБ